Blogger template [2 Columns]

Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms its a nature related Blogger template with lot of flowers and graphics, good looking header. Recommended for personal blogs.
Features: 2 columns with right sidebars, widgets ready, pages enabled, share buttons, search box.

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Blogger template [3 columns]

Video Blog

Blogger Templates Video Blog is my first free galleria Blogger template which will be best theme for your music or movie blog. Just install and blog no need any trick.

Features: 3 columns with left and right sidebar, gallery, blue and black colors, search box, ads ready.

Floral Concept

Floral Concept is a web 2.0 Blogger Template best suits for flora, nature, personal blogs.

Floral Concept is designed by WordpressThemesPark and converted into blogger by BloggerTricks


GameZine Blogger Template is a conversion from its original in WP Themes. The template has a dark grunge design with a fixed with 3 column layout. The template is perfectly suitable for gamers and with some modification it will fit into any niche.

GameZine brought to blogger by CahayabiruSphere


Infinity is most beutiful template that I ever seen, this template is designed by Yichi for Smashing Magazine readers but BloggerFAQ brought into blogger and anyone can enjoy it now.
Infinity is designed for wordpress, so don't expect to look like in wordpress, anyway and in blogger fit really good.

Cellar Heat

Cellar Heat WordPress theme is created by Evan Eckard. The design of this theme focuses on patterns and typography, and it comes in two flavors. It is designed especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

And now thanks to MagzNetwork it is available for Blogger, especially for Deluxe Templates readers.


This Blogger templates was designed by Jinsona and is converted by Blogger tricks

Charcoal is 3 Columns templates with Left sidebar and Right sidebar, Rounded corners, Brown, Fixed width.

Gumball Special

Gumball Special, this is another awesome blogger template. It has a unique styling of displaying posts in columns(side by side). This style allows you to show many posts on your main page in a decent style.
Originally created by Evan Eckard and converted in blogger by Bilal Blogger FAQ's.

Zinmag Remedy

Zinmag Remedy Blogger templates is a true professional magazine template with extremely unique features. Discover this feature-rich dark Remedy to make it your ultimate template!
Customizable double header navigation bar, Featured content section on the top and the side of the page